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We sell our beef based on QUARTER and HALF carcass sizes, as well as a "40-LB SAMPLER" size.  Our cattle have a live weight of about 1000 lbs, which results in a carcass size of about 550 lbs.  (The carcass weight forms the basis you are charged for.)  Your final take-home amount of beef will be less than the carcass weight based on your cutting preferences and the trimming of excess fat and unwanted bone.  Thus, a HALF BEEF typically yields about 185 lbs of final, delivered, freezer beef.


Below is a general breakdown of what you would receive in a HALF BEEF order.

  • Steaks                 25 lbs

  • Roasts                 50 lbs

  • Ground Burger 100 lbs

  • Misc Cuts           10 lbs

  • Variety meats


                                  185 lbs


Steaks:  delmonico, T-bone, porterhouse, sirloin.

Roasts:  round, rump, sirloin, chuck.

Misc cuts:  brisket, flank, short ribs, stew beef.

Variety meats:  liver, heart, tongue, tail.


The rule for freezer beef space is about eight cubic feet for a HALF BEEF order.  Vacuum-sealed beef has a freezer life of 2-3 years.



1.  Contact us for an order form.  While you are billed by the pound, roughly budget $800 for QUARTER and $1500 for HALF carcass size orders.  The "40-LB SAMPLER" consists of 8-lbs steaks, 12-lbs roasts, and 20-lbs ground burger and is priced at $395.  A $50 deposit is required.  Price includes butchering costs and vacuum-sealed packaging.

2.  Your beef will be harvested in November.  While dry aging, we will contact you to explain your butchering options and final billing.


3.  We can deliver your order when it is ready, but you are welcome and encouraged to visit the farm for pickup.  Payment is expected upon delivery.


4.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will replace the beef or refund your money.

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