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John Barbour and his young family arrived in Philadelphia from Paisley, Scotland in the spring of 1817.  They settled in Lycoming County and established what is now known as the village of Barbours.  The early generations of Barbours were lumberman and farmers who lived off the bountiful natural resources of the area.


Seven generations later, Raymond Barbour and his young family purchased a nearby farm and began building a high quality beef herd.  Today, fifty-nine years later, his son and family continue the tradition of raising high quality beef in Lycoming County.



The Barbour Family Farm incorporates the most current science to raise high quality beef.  We use environmentally sound, conservation-minded growing and grazing practices.  In 2013, our farm was recognized as the "Cooperator of the Year" by the County Conservation District for our efforts involving animal husbandry and environmental stewardship.


Our pastures are rotationally grazed and receive no herbicide or pesticide applications.  In 2006, we finalized and have since maintained certification from the US Department of Agriculture to be a producer of "PA Preferred" beef.  This certification means our farm produces beef under the "highest standards for quality."  You and your family should accept nothing less.

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